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Organ Conversions - Guitar Preamp/Master Vol/ Tone... Help!

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    Thanks for reposting looks like pics are gone too.

    Originally posted by Jazz P Bass View Post
    It's not you, the server crashed awhile back.
    A batch of files was lost.
    Here you go.
    I guess I should repost pics and try to add some of my oversized Conn Organ schematics. Even the old SS ones are point to point and can give up reverb drivers and thought about using the Leslie's. in old 412 cabs with a 212 setup above the Leslie's. I am focusing on the silvertones cause they are simple and almost guitar amps. Thanks ttoThomas Organ(157.Xxxx manufacturer # )


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      Hanger-18, do you still have the large schematics, where you able to scan them?


      Originally posted by Hanger-18 View Post
      Anyone out there got great ideas to convert organ's to guitar amps. Really not interested in re-making one from scratch. Just re-engineering what's needed with what's already there. I have #3 Conn 541's from early sixties and have the schems. Unbelievably they have transistors in an off-board preamp. Would like to possibly reuse the 12 au7's used for the keys in the preamp. Maybe as a second valve (cause 12au7's are about 20% amplification) I'm trying to find a way to also reuse the leslies as they would easily fit into the bottom of a 4-12 speaker cabinet along with the vintage 2-12's in the top. I need to really get the tone stack figured out, the tube preamp figured out, and a way to add a master volume and volume. Any help will clear out my garage.


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        OOps file too big try again

        Here is the result of my Scan today. It got cut here and there but what you have is 2 pages of the main circuit which includes a solid state preamp for the two channels a picture of the PowerAmp and The Schematic a little cut off. The weird ovals with numbers are the plugs between circuits. Please consider sharing and helping others with conversions as These were not easy or free to get. Thank you my Friends. Hanger-18......Problem with attachment it is all together as one file at 4.89kb and exceeds forum limit of 4.7kb so I'll try again later or maybe someone more experienced at this forum can give me a better option.


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          CONN541SCHEMATIC.zipLet's try Zipping it........Success!!!
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