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  • ? Webster-Chicago 375

    As my first post to this seemingly well-traveled forum, I'm hoping for some user thoughts on these 375's.
    Just picked this one up, and will need to put'r in the shop to make sure things are good to go, but would like to know the best way to convert it to enable a guitar cord plug, as well as any other input on it, such as beneficial mods or pros/cons, as I await it's arrival. Thanx!
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    Your amp looks exactly like the Webster-Chicago Model 166 from 1952. Here is a schematic from the Webster-Chicago website.

    If the tube line up is the same it *may* be the same circuit.

    Does it seem similar?


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      Originally posted by sgelectric View Post
      Does it seem similar?
      The best I can answer having only looked at photos and schems online is that all 375's seem the same to my untrained eye. I'm doubting there were significant changes, if any, in the short years of production.