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  • Fender 5E3 Tone Stack

    I am converting a Newcomb E-10B into a guitar amp. I don't know how to post the schematic but it is at (
    The ongoing problem is massive gain. I replaced the tone stack with the Fender Deluxe (5E3). In most of the schematics there is a resistor between the input jack and the first stage, most times (68K).
    Would adding that maybe solve the problem? I also replaced all of the caps with the exception of the ones in the main filter supply, that will be next but at this point I am not sure that has any thing to do with problem
    of excessive gain
    Thank you for any help provided!!!

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    One of the problems with the 5E3 is the way that the Volume control works in the shunt mode. That causes the volume to increase very fast at the low end of the pot. I suggest the Volume/tone network in the 5D2 Princeton. Link:

    There is a 1 Meg resistor in series with the Volume pot. This allows you to still get a treble boost when the Volume is at max but also cuts down the gain by 6dB. If you still have too much gain, increase the 1 Meg to 2.2 Meg.
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      Made the switch to the Princeton tone stack, seems to have helped. I am now going to work on the main filter. I have some AC ripple. The PA sat for a few years before I obtained it, fortunately inside an indoor storage room. Maybe the caps inside the can dried out or whatever else happens to them. At any rate I am going to change them as I went this far.
      Thank You once again !!!!!!!!!


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        Today I changed out the main filter caps, changed a few of the resistors, installed the 3 wire power cord. After all of that I powered it up, I was scratching my head as there was absolutely no sound !!! I plugged the guitar cord in anyway thinking maybe it was necessary to complete the circuit, I touched my thumb to the end of the cord and the noise almostblew me out of the room !!!!! So now it has all of the volume with no buzz or feedback. It probably needs a few more things but for now it couldn't be better.
        Thanks again !!!!!!!!!


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