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  • AO-35 Conversion Made Easy


    I was thinking about converting an AO-35 to a Carmen Ghia. But I am a total n00b at this. I know that I would be in over my head.

    I would really like to convert the AO-35 into a guitar amp as easily as I can get it.

    I'm looking to have 1/4" in & out. Volume and Tone controls. And a nice clean warm sound... Don't really want too much breaking up of the signal.

    What is my best option here? I found this eHow article that was pretty much step by step.. but was lacking any element of control.

    I apologize, but I'm probably going to need someone to hold my hand on this. Like I said, I'm completely new to this. But am very eager to learn. Any help would be appreciated. I'm still wanting to do the CG build... But I think I need to crawl before I walk. Thanks!

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    This is not exactly an amp to learn on.
    Small chassis, tight working space.
    Here is a decent link: Speaking of the Hammond AO-35 and the Carmen Ghia... - Telecaster Guitar Forum


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      Yeah, it definitely has been a little challenging thus far. Thanks for the link. I made a quick trip to the store... It looks like I have just about everything that I need. Now, I am trying to get my hands on an unaltered AO-35 layout. I was able to find the M100 service manual but it's definitely not in there.


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