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Need help with a Hammond AO35 conversion

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    Thanks Loudthud, I can't think of anything unless you know of something? I think the sound is super in all respects. It has 3 gain stages. I ended up using a 20K pot at R6. It's loud and clean with a full sweep. Gain 1 switch kicks in the 10uf cap you suggested. I got lucky on the tone control. It's a switched 100K pot with a .015 orange drop. I connected it to the 2.2meg resistor going to ground. It has real good sweep for a passive tone control. When I turn the pot switch to off, the tone control is bypassed adding a third gain stage. I'd find it hard to believe this amp could be any louder. This amp has serious attitude! I'm curious why all the schematics I looked at all had .5 or1 meg pots? I tried all variants at all stages and came up with these small value pots. The larger ones had no sweep. Seems to me that the coupling stages are close to line level and should be smaller?


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