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Converting 1968 Traynor YVM-1 to marshallesque Guitar amp

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  • Converting 1968 Traynor YVM-1 to marshallesque Guitar amp

    I picked up this fine specimen of a 1968 Traynor YVM-1 (PA tube amp), and decided to modify it somewhat for guitar purposes.

    Here's the original schematic:

    Here's what I've modified it to be:

    Basically I have sort of a plexi front end with a few alterations, a pre phase inverter master volume. I upped the filtering somewhat, replaced all the electrolytics, added new individual screen grid resistors, added 5.6K control grid resistors, changed diodes to new 1N4007's, added a midrange pot to the existing tone circuit which I actually really like, added a depth control, and obviously changed the power cord to a grounded type.
    I still plan to change tube sockets just to make sure connections are nice and tight.

    The amp absolutely screams and is just perfect.. I was originally planning to do more of a 2204 preamp and tone circuit, but I like the slightly less gainy plexi modified preamp that I went with. Just thought I'd put this out there since it's a really great amp as it is, and if anyone's got one of these, I'd highly suggest modifying it as I have. Very simple to do, and able to keep almost all original mustard caps in place.
    I'm very pleased with the way it overdrives, and it keeps a lot of string definition even when the gain is cranked up. Very very happy with it. I'll post some screenshots when I get a chance.

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    Just an update for anyone interested in this subject.. Because I was only using 3 of my 4 12ax7's, I decided to wire up the 4th for trem, using the same circuit that Traynor uses in the YSR-1.
    It's a bias tremolo. Watching some videos on youtube of the YSR-1 the trem sounded pretty nice, which I didn't really expect for a bias tremolo with el34's. Anyways, I wired it up, and damn does it sound and work perfectly! I highly recommend this trem circuit for anyone converting one of these amps.

    Here's my updated schematic:


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      So, I decided to pull the trem out just to keep things simple.
      I really love the amp, super great sound.

      Here are some pics:


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        Greetings- I'm new here and looking around found your Topic. I've followed this schematic a little where posts on the Web are found occassionally. If I may ask: What does the Depth control do? I see it is some sort of filter added to the presence control?

        I'm guessing this amp gets a nice old 70's grit like I'd heard back then in the Taverns from Bands like Trigvee Ly- East Coast Blues Band.

        I'm here in search of information for a conversion I'm working on. I'll post that elsewhere.

        Nice build.



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