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Convert Peavey 5150 to ??? SLO?

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  • Convert Peavey 5150 to ??? SLO?

    I bought a 5150 head (original series) from a guy the other day for short money. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions what I could build into this platform? I was thinking of a Soldano SLO 100 maybe, or also I thought that an easy build would be the Ceriatone JTM45/100 board kit dropped right into this chassis. Anybody know if the 5150 iron could handle KT-66 tubes?


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    I'm on my phone, so this will be short, but you can put nearly any preamp into a 5150 because of how many stages it has.

    Regarding the KT66, the heater current will probably be marginal, but the tube spacing on the 5150s is tight if I remember right so you'll have mechanical problems.


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      I've never seen the inside of one, can you post a pic? It might be kind of cramped because the preamp tubes are mounted on a PCB and there might not be enough room for a turret or eyelet board.
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        I got no photos, LT, but there is a ton of room in there. The amp has a large main board, a lot larger than an eyelet board usually. Assuming it was gone. The preamp tubes are on a tube socket board, and laid down so they fit within the chassis. Chassis about as thick as a one space rack chassis. The immediate resistor and cap parts on on that board for the tubes, then ribbons back to the main board. That should all be reasonable enough to work with.

        I have no idea if the power tube spacing allows for fat bottle tubes.
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          My first thought is: That's a rather expensive "build box". 5150 heads still bring good money in my area. I'd go through it, sell it, and use some of the money for a kit if I didn't want it. But, of course, it's your amp.
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            Originally posted by The Dude View Post
            My first thought is: That's a rather expensive "build box". 5150 heads still bring good money in my area.
            Yeah. I paid a very good price for it on the idea that it's broken. I'd rather fix it and sell it, but for the same effort I can build something into it provided the trannys are worth messing with. I might give it a go fixing it, even if just a short one. Good call.


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              Peavey 5150 Rebuild

              Greetings elpops,

              I've started a Open Source Amp Design Group, in the Groups section and wonder if you would be interested in joining. I have a similar project. Mine is building a dual channel amp from a Peavey Road Master. So far I've got the phase inverter and power amp section going and have started looking around at schematics and various build to come up with a final design for the pre amps.

              On that project I swapped lower wattage Iron into the chassis as the 160 watt version is far more power and weight than I desire. I only paid $50 for the head.. Any way, since we have similar designs and goals perhaps it would be a good means of kicking off the Group. Check it out. Anyone can join without approval and I have a (“tone”) of schematics and build pictures as well as intermediate build skills. Will definitely be seeking other assistance on the build though as I'm not as skilled as other here and look forward to meeting some of the advanced techs.

              Hope to see you there,



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