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  • tape recorder to amp update

    Here's an update of my little 6aq5 powered guitar amp, just in case anyone is interested. Here is where I started.
    It sounded pretty good, but with lots of (good sounding) distortion, and not much clean volume. I started exploring ways to get more clean volume, and decided to add a negative feedback loop which I just copied from a Fender Champ schem. On first power up with the NFL it squealed like crazy After a little more research, I decided that the OT secondary must be backwards. After reversing the OT output it sounds great. I get much more clean volume. Still get some distortion when cranked, though not as much as before. I'm thinking a variable NFL might be even better, so I can have it both ways and all in between too. I'm really happy with it, and think it sounds much better than my Epiphone ea50 (Gibsons Champ) It sounds sort of similar, but with none of the fartyness in the lower register, and has more clean volume. I'm using a 12" 4ohm PV Scorpion speaker, and here is the schematic. (in case anyone is interested)

    Click image for larger version

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