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    Just picked up a Bogen chb50 for conversion and open to suggestions. I only need 1 channel and want to use a 12aT7 before the 6l6's. No vibrato or tremolo or reverb needed. Some of the fenderish PI'S 12at7's use slightly different resistors 100 ohm or 47 ohm, different plate resistor 82k 100k, 47k 47k, 100k 100k, and a few different sized grid caps, is any one better than the other? I'm talking pro's , bandmasters, bassman's. Open to suggestions for preamp section, 1 dual triode or 2? 7 pin or 9 pin or octal? Marshall front end?

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    Schematic, or at least the full tube compliment and estimated or actual voltages? Bit more info, then go from there! You may be able to get away with doing very little, but we all need to be looking at the same thing!

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      Click image for larger version

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      Think i may go to into the 12at7 and 6l6's. Not using the stock tubes except the outputs, i have most any other tubes to use.
      That has 3 volumes and 3 tones, i can use the front panel without cutting or drilling, may not use 12ax7's though, boring. Maybe 2 6sl7's. have to add up the current for original transformer.


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        I'm pretty sure that schematic is a Bogen CHA50. The CHB line uses 7868 power tubes (I have a CHB35A).


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          It is a chb,uses 6l6 tubes.


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            Originally posted by mozz View Post
            It is a chb,uses 6l6 tubes.
            Yep, you're right. Sorry. I had been told by someone a while back that the CHBs use 7868s and that the CHAs used 6L6s. Either that person misspoke or I misunderstood.


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              I think there were a few other tubes they used also. The preamp on most models is all the same.

              I've ended up using the ax84 high octane as the preamp, a fender 12at7/6l6 as the output stage. Only difference i used 6eu7's for the front, and 6bg6's as the outputs. Putting it on the dummy load as we speak.


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