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Filmosound 302 conversion feasibility

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    Ok that makes sense! Then there's really only one thing to be concerned with: whether or not it has a "hot" chassis. Please tell me if I have this right. There are two ways to tell: 1) there are 2 transformer on the chassis (is there ever a situation where there there is NOT a power transformer and TWO output transformers?), 2) if the chassis is NOT isolated from the projector body or any exposed metal parts, like the outer metal case (that you're touching during operation), and including the metal 1/4" microphone input socket which is directly attached to the sound amp metal protective cover, as is the case with my Ampro Stylist


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      Pretty much, if it lacks a power transformer, it is a hot chassis. A power transformer isolates all the secondary side voltages.

      Hot chassis circuits are usually very basic, I cannot imagine the need for two output transformers in one.

      Not likely in a projector, but in some amps, the output transformer was riveted to the speaker frame, so there would only be one transformer ON the chassis. SO you need to determine what the transformers do.
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        I doubt it's a hot chassis/series filament amp with that tube complement.


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          Which tube lineup do you have RandallM? If it is currently working as found, you should still put new filter caps in it and add a 3 prong cord.


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