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H H Scott Type D Preamp Confusion

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  • H H Scott Type D Preamp Confusion

    Hey All,

    I have been trying to mod a nice HH Scott amp into a guitar amp,

    it is about 22 watts and currently works

    It uses 3 12AX7's as preamps and tone adj, and 2 6L6's as driver tubes and a tube rectifier

    This amp in the first preamp stage has multiple record compensation circuits that I am having trouble bypassing.

    I thought maybe if i made my own tube preamp stage and put it in the place of the original preamp stage, this would create fewer problems, and maybe make it a little cooler and more custom.

    plus, it would be cheep, only needing the money for a few resistors, or capacitors, if i dont already have the ones i need.

    so, I am in search of any good guitar amp schematics that use a 12ax7 tube in the preamp stage, so that I can wire in just the preamp stage, and have the output go through the rest of the 12ax7 stages and the 6L6 tubes as it did originaly so that I would only be modding the first preamp stage

    Any Schematic suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Am I crazy, Or might this work?

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    While I usually jump right in to help folks convert various PA and such amps to guitar amps I feel that I should advise caution about chopping up an HH Scott so. You might want to check out e-bate and such to determine what the amp's worth and whether it might be more economical to sell the amp and use the cash to buy an old Bogen or Newcomb, etc., PA amp for conversion or am amp kit or individual parts. HH Scott was on of the highest quality equipment manufacturers in the USA and much of it is collectable/restorable - I use a Scott 350B receiver as my main music system. Not that you won't get help if you decide to modify the Scott but it's kind like taking a Rolls Royce or Bugatti and chopping it into a street rod - a sad lost to history.



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      I kinda felt this way at first, chopping up an old tube amp, but if it has some value, other then being an old tube amp, then I will take your advice and not pull it apart. i dont know that I will sell it, I might hold onto it, but I will definatly look for another amp to convert.



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