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End of the project, a clip of the Heathkit conversion

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  • End of the project, a clip of the Heathkit conversion

    I posted a bunch of pics in the other thread, but for some reason I can't edit the post to change the title, so I'll just start a new thread.

    I did a demo clip of the amp for my friend, since he lives in Colorado and I'm in MN, and he likes it, so it's a done deal.

    Kind of a long clip, but I demo'd the different pickup positions with varying vol settings on the guitar to show how the amp responds. All vol and OD changes are via the guitar's vol controls. The amp is set about 1/2 way on the input volume pot, 1/3 up on the master vol. There's no extra processing in the clip except a touch of reverb. Straight from guitar to amp to computer.

    Here's the recording setup.

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    Sounds good! Particularly the clean settings, very nice. The OD sounds I'm not so fond of. But I like how it sustains into feedback.

    Is that one of those vintage mahogony Les Pauls? I picked one of those up a while back, got a greqt price on it. Looks like your's has been polished out though.


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      Yeah, it's a Vintage Mahogany Studio. I converted it to a wrap bridge and put about 10 coats of Tru-Oil on it. It's got a nice old-timey vibe that I like.

      I'm not thrilled with the OD sounds myself, but my friend seemed to like it and he's the customer. It sounds a little too like a fuzz pedal to me. Thing is, I don't really know where I'd start chasing it down to get rid of that. I really like the clean to mild-breakup sounds though.

      The one good thing, I have on of these too now. He had two and said I could keep one and do one up for him. I learned a lot on this one, now I have some ideas for mine


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        The Vintage Mahogany Les Pauls are the best deal going in GC, anyone looking to get into the Les Paul club would do well to pick up one of these bad boys. Killer guitar. Not the prettiest in the shop, but has everything you need to make good music. I picked mine up for less than $750 out the door!


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          Yep, I agree on the VM Studios. Great way to get into a nice sounding Les Paul. I got mine with the case for $599 when First Quality Music was doing a Christmas sale a couple years ago. One of my better moves


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            I fear I've broken this forum! No posts at all since the 13th


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