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adding eyelets to a fiberboard.

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  • adding eyelets to a fiberboard.

    Hi All,

    I'm converting, re-purposing an amp I don't use/didn't like very much into my next home brew. It's a crowded build and I'm going to build (most of) it on a fiberboard with eyelets (ala Fender). Of course, I shoulda got a fiberboard with a few more eyelets but I didn't so I'd like to add a few eyelets to this board and there seems to be room to do so. How is this done? Is there a special tool that's used to press the eyelet into the fiberboard? It's something I've never done but I guess it's time to learn. How about a very short tutorial from those who have done this? P.S. I know I could do it another way (use some terminal strips or something else) but I like the look of something unified, built by someone who cares not only how the amp sounds but also how it looks inside. I've repaired too many amps with a hodge-podge of 3 for 4 different building techniques, flying parts, etc that I appreciate an elegant looking build, as well as a great sounding amp.

    Bob M.

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    Because i live in the Gulf Coast If it were me I'd use G10 Fiberglass board which you can get with eyelets or those other things that seem to escape my memory right now. because fiberboard can soak up moisture causing it to be conductive.

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      Examples of board, eyelets, and staking tool here (also available elsewhere):
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        I went looking for the tool I use that I got on Ebay and couldn't find it. I'm pretty sure it was a Darice brand that was possibly made for work on leather. I has 6 screw on tips, three for making holes and 3 for eyelets. I use it for Keystone #3 and #4 eyelets.
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          Thanks, guys, that's great info.

          Bob M.


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