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    I have found the place to be. I recently aquired two old tube mono hi-fi amps. Knight Kit with a pcb design (6ca4/2-6973/2-12ax7)which I don't intend to change as it sounds great with my Zune running through it. Those 6973's are great. But I also have an old realistic amp that is very basic. a 5Y3 rectifier, (2) 12ax7's in the preamp, and (2) 6v6 power tubes. Two selector (radio and phono), volume, bass and trebel. On the back 4,8, and 16 ohm connections, a switch for mag/mic, a rca for phono/mic, a rca for radio, and a rca for record. What I want is same tube design, 1/4 input for guitar, vol/bass/treble pots, on/off, indicator light on front: and on the back two 1/4 outputs for speaker, 3 position selector for 4/8/16 ohm, fuse. So what cha think. Can't find a realistic schematic ANYWHER. I will say she runs like she is but lots of bottom end (to much), and tone stack not very funcitial. Anyone have something like this? Recommendations. I Love this forum. Found the fender Champ to be close but to much "STUFF".

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    Realistic is the Radioo Shack brand. Have you contacted Radio Shack and/or Tandy Corp to ask for schematics? Owners manuals often included schematics on older products there.

    Also you can try Sams Photofacts and see if they cover the model.

    Too much bottom end? Are you using the phono input for its gain? Phono inoputs will be bottom heavy as part of the RIAA curve.

    An amp that basic, you ought to be able to sit down with paper and pencil and trace out a schematic in a half hour. I do that all the time.
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      Thanks Enzo

      Have really searched the web for all Radio Shack, Tandy ect but just can't seem to find a schematic. But your right, I should and will draw it out but it will take longer than 30 minutes. I'm really new to this but am having fun with it. I just fired it up and your right the phono section is not even usable, but the mic section is really nice, with the exception of a little to much bass. Starts breaking up about 4-5 and has nice tone. Lots to do, like replace the pots, they are real bad but the good news is, it works. I will try and post some pictures, and will keep searching for a nice schematic using my configuration. Thanks again.


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        found these pics

        identical but not the one i have.
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          and the inside

          Mine is not been recapped as this one has but they are the same amp.
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            Found a couple of options. A Champ II, but uses a diod rectifier, and possibly a Fender 5E3 and replace my one 12ax7 with a 12ay7 for two channels. Does anyone know if you can sub a tube rectifier in place of the diod retifier shown on the schematic of the Champ II? Still looking for possibilities.


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