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  • Gaumont-Kalee Duosonic GK18 Amplifier


    My first post and hoping for some information please if anyone can help. I hope this kind of post is allowed but please remove if not.

    I have inherited a professional cinema Gaumont-Kalee Duosonic GK18 Amplifier (I think its from the 40s or 50s?) and I have heard that these are used by people to convert to music amps. Is this correct? And if so could anyone advise me of what it might be worth please? All three valves light up.

    Many thanks,

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    I would suggest that you sell it for what it is.


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      Only 3 tubes?
      Id expect many more. Any empty tube sockets?
      Juan Manuel Fahey


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        Yes, the Gaumont-Kalee Dusonic GK18 amplifiers were made from the late 1940s to the late 1950s.

        What yours is worth all depends on the condition. On average in reasonable condition, I'd say between 400 and 500 - with the worst examples fetching between 100 and 200, and the very best around 600 - maybe a bit more if you're lucky.

        I'd be interested in purchasing the GK18 amplifier as I have the matching Gaumont-Kalee projectors that i'm setting up a home cinema with. I am also interested to know if you have any other cinema related items you intend to sell?

        Please contact me at:

        Many thanks,


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          In principle, any amplifier can be converted to music amp. The question is whether it is a "humane" procedure.
          With convert in music amp, you get something that can be played on, but in terms of aesthetics, it's just not that.
          Gaumont-Kalee is a collector's old-timer, so it's best to keep it that way.

          Offer it for sale and for that money you will have the desired music amp.

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