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Experiment - Combine a UL Pro Reverb and a Super Texan Circuit to make great AMP!

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  • Experiment - Combine a UL Pro Reverb and a Super Texan Circuit to make great AMP!

    I’ve made many a great sounding amp over the years and am always interested in a challenge. By the title, many of you can see that I am about to stir up a hornet’s nest.

    My most recent project started with a chassis from a late 1970’s-early 1980’s Pro Reverb…yes the UL, MV version that everyone generally seems to pan all throughout the www.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Doner-Pro.jpg
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    My goal was to take the basic elements…and I mean basic…the circuit boards, chassis, wiring, and the UL OT and wire it up as a Torres Super Texan. Channel Switching, DC Heaters (to also conveniently power the relay’s) and all.

    Ideally I would be taking my many years of experience (bumping my head) to build all kinds of amplifiers and applying it to understanding the Super Texan circuit. Yes, the Torres Super Texan!!!

    Truth is that Dan Torres and his designs don’t get a lot of kind words on the forums and I got to thinking that it seemed like very few people actually played one, built one, or even seen on to have such disdain.

    (I know, I know many of you have, but indulge me.)

    I realize that there have been some “transactional issues” with purchases from him, etc., so I do not want to discuss that stuff. I just wanted to study his circuit, build it, and OBJECTIVELY show that it can be great (secretly I do have an opinion prior to this project) but I thought I would let the process speak for itself.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Circuit-6.jpg
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ID:	873063 Click image for larger version

Name:	Circuit-3.jpg
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ID:	873065 Click image for larger version

Name:	Reverb_Relay_2.jpg
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    Or course I have seen many images of Torres builds on the web, as well as have seen inside many, too. Some made by Dan, others by his numerous employees over the years, and those built by the wayward souls who decided to try their hands at building an amp with little or no experience.

    The following are some of the underlying reasons and proofs I wanted to address.

    1. One observation I had and wanted to somehow prove or sadly disprove if that should be the result; that the Super Texan circuit could indeed be a viable, reliable and great sounding design. Clearly it is very similar to other amplifiers – leaning toward Fender designs – but it’s actually Dan’s interpretation of a Fender circuit; resulting in what he believed (now me too) (along with several guitar magazines who actually utilized his knowledge and services in amplifier Q & A columns) sounded good.

    From my study, I can see that it really was re-voiced and modified to create a High-gain, switching amp with all kinds of bells and whistles (many features that all of you have applied to any number of the circuits that you all have individually built) but in this case to meet his design and playing needs.

    2. I also wanted to prove that Fender UL designs were ultimately plagued by a bad combination of values that took all the life out of the circuit, not the UL Output transformer. By combining the Super Texan circuit with the Fender UL Pro Reverb components that I had…that I could really show that any good design come down to many factors - with execution being a large part…not to mention just making good choices in the design ranging from parts values, placement and grounding practices.

    4. I also really like using recycled parts that have plenty of life left in them, too. So, the final design will be placed in a repaired late 1970’s Fender Twin Cabinet and will power a couple of JBL’s. (Again another test…)

    As you can see much of the same wire is used. Original circuit board made me be a bit creative with position as well.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Reverb_Relay.jpg
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ID:	873068

    By the way…it is totally quiet! You’ll get a sense of that when I upload the sound clip.

    So, for now here it is...I figure out how to upload the video.

    I realize there is a lot of wiring in there, but I believe it was tastefully placed utilizing the available real estate.

    Now that I put myself out on the chopping block, please be kind and respectful. THis was fun and it's already sold!

    Happy Holidays all and kind regards...

    (Apologies how all the photos attached. I tried to do it cleaner, but...enjoy all the same.
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    Originally posted by Mandopicker View Post
    I am about to stir up a hornet’s nest.
    ...... to have such disdain.
    ...... (I know, I know many of you have, but indulge me.
    ........ (many features that all of you have applied to any number of the circuits that you all have individually built)
    Welcome to MEF, where happily none of that applies
    Now that I put myself out on the chopping block, please be kind and respectful.
    Oh, we ARE
    Juan Manuel Fahey


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      Nice work!

      Awaiting the clip.


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        Thank for the welcome. While resizing the sound clip, figured I would include the image of it from the front.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	2017-Pro-Reverb-restomod.jpg
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Size:	2.21 MB
ID:	847806

        More to follow.

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          Finally found a way to upload the rather large video clip of the amp demo.

          Again, apologies for the technique in advance. I'm really trying to pull notes and demonstrate the tone and sensitivity of the amp.

          So, be kind and enjoy.

          P.S. Intentionally built it with lots of recycled parts including the JBL's....I could throw a few bucks at it and it would be a total crusher, but then again, what's the point!

          Happy Holidays



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            I was not able to view the video. This is the message I got from Facebook:

            Sorry, this content isn't available right now
            The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in.


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              The message I get says "you must log in to continue".
              Sorry, but no.
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                Me neither. I don't even have a facebook account to log into. It might be best to upload the video to YouTube and link that. No login required.
                "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."


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                  Sorry guys...I guess you need a facebook account. I'll go another route.

                  Back soon... apologies.


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                    What is the privacy setting fir that video? Is it set to "Public"?

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                      I set it to public. On facebook or I am puzzled. I have another idea. Again apologies.


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                        Here might be a short term is this out of my dice!!!

                        Anyway...for those who are adventurous and not fed up with my bumbling...

                        Download and view with quicktime. ***Warning 25mb***

                        Again...thanks for patience and interest.




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                          On man, beautiful build, and it sounds AWESOME, great range of different tones! Thanks for the sound clips.
                          The only good solid state amp is a dead solid state amp. Unless it sounds really good, then its OK.


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                            Originally posted by J M Fahey View Post
                            Welcome to MEF, where happily none of that applies

                            Oh, we ARE
                            Hi, I'm new to the Forum I just purchased a Torres Double Dee-Lux Amp and have no idea how to use it, no manual. I tried to attach some photos but it just sits there after selecting the photo.

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                              nice built pics, but I have absolutely no idea what's special about your amp because you haven't posted a schematic.
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