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    Hi first post here About me: I've built 8 or so valve guitar amps but no expert on theory etc. I'm not sure about protocol for production amps being discussed but I'm looking at building a Straycat which is a HotCat without the reverb, switching, fx loop.
    A friend has a desire to get reverb on the clean channel and make it look like the genuine article with his own graphics on the lit display etc. I've tried searching for the brand and model to see if anybody has been working on this amp but can't find anything.
    I'll be drilling out extra sockets etc for later use if needed and I'm thinking I can drop a Fender reverb circuit on the clean channel (done a couple before) Switching I'm new to so I'm not sure if I should be using Vactrols, relays or rubber bands. Backlight front panels I need to learn about as well. So if there are any good threads you could point me at I'd be very appreciative. Cheers Joe.

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    There was a thread on the Ceriatone forum by a guy who did a 'fancied up' Dizzy 30, with the backlit faceplate and whatnot... have a look there for the details, but IIRC he used a bunch of 6.3V globes in the heaters, with little cutouts in the chassis.

    There were a lot of good pictures in this thread. Very easy to understand.

    Re the swtching... ask Nik? Maybe he's done it, or can adapt the relay board from the OTS series to suit.


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      Hi thanks for that tip Mr Beer. I have been over to Nik's forum a couple of times and I'll go back for another check for that thread. Are you the Beerman who pointed me at AGGH from AX84 a year or two ago? This build is going slow at the moment due to several reasons but should get done eventually, he hoped.


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        One and the same fella. One and the same.

        Sorry I can't help more.

        I can't recall why I pointed you at AGGH... did you find what you were looking for?

        This is my current project.

        The Trainwreck Rocket preamp, with cathode biased EL34's rather than EL84's.

        Anyhow... hope it's a good day. Best get to work.


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          I think I was looking at the insurance/liability aspect of homebrews. Pete Reynolds at AGGH had some pearls of wisdom, "get a good insurance broker"


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