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how to wire an output transformer for a blackface super reverb?

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  • how to wire an output transformer for a blackface super reverb?

    hello everybody!

    I'm wiring up a super reverb kit. I'm hooking in the output trany and have two wires left.
    The yellow and orange. Should i cut them back, heat shrink the ends and call it a day?
    The yel and orange have nothing to do with the circuit? The schematic shows three wires on one side of the trany TR3 (brn, red, blue). Black and green going to the speaker jacks then to the 820 ohm res. Thanks for your help and time

    First time amp build for me. bare with me, please

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    Do you know the color codes for the taps? If the green and black correspond to the 2 ohm tap and common, (as on the original), then you can heat shrink the other taps as you suggest. I wouldn't cut them just in case you want to use a different speaker combination. (Assuming your kit is 4x10s.)
    "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."
    - Yogi Berra


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      green : 2ohm
      blk: ground / com.
      Didn't know what to do w/yel and orange
      thanks for the help


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        Dandrix as your asking questions about which wire goes where etc it sounds like you haven't got the schematic and layout matched up in your mind. With all due respect it might be advisable to take a week off and study up a bit more to get a clearer understanding of the build. We've all been there and it can be an expensive or dangerous way to learn. I've put a direct short through an innocent rectifier tube because I wired up when I should have been reading more or asking more questions. Posting a link to the layout and schematic your using will help answer questions as well. What type of kit is it Mojo? etc. Sometimes those instructions aren't available on the web so it gets a bit more difficult.


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          Yellow could be 4 ohm, and Orange could be 8 ohm. You might consider using an 3-way impedence switch in place of the extension speaker jack so that you can plug into different speaker cabinets.

          Just a suggestion.

          BTW: Is it a Mojo Kit?


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            thanks guys for your help.

            this is my first build. yes, it is a mojo kit.
            my SR is up and running, the vibrato is not working.
            minor set back. all part of the experience, right???


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              Nice! My first build was a twin reverb kit from mojo. The tremolo were kind of dodgy, I seem to remember replacing the disk caps that came with the kit to ordinary caps. I also re-solder most of the tremolo connections. After this tinkering the tremolo worked properly, with a faint fft fft fft.

              Now, before you start replacing stuff, triple check every thing... again. ;-)
              In this forum everyone is entitled to my opinion.


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