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trouble with Diode placement

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  • trouble with Diode placement


    need some help with polarity for the diode thats in the super reverb.
    the one that is connected to the basis pot in series w/ a 470 ohm res. also goes to a 2.2M res.
    if you were to follow the schematic left to right.
    that means the strip part of the diode is on the left and anode side (pos) is on the right?
    just checking everything over, i completed all of the ab763 circuit and got myself turn around on this diode placement.


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    Your looking at the schematic correctly. The diode is reversed polarity compared to the usual B+ diode rectifiers. This gives you negative voltage for your bias supply voltage and you should see the smoothing capacitor is reverse polarity (compared to the B+ filter caps) to suit. Make sure you have maximum negative voltage DC at your power tube grids before installing the power tubes. This way your tubes start up very cold and then you can adjust bias to suit.


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