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    Originally posted by J M Fahey View Post
    Post the schematic of what you actually built, a couple MP3 and build pictures so we can see and hear your work.
    Here is a better audio recording of my high gain amp. With picture of the build in progress and final build.
    Let me know what you guys think good or bad.
    A lot of it was based on London Power stuff which worked out really well.


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      Well, it's a very specific sort of EQ you have on that clip. For me, personally, I think I would enjoy that amp with a little power tube clipping and pushing a darker speaker to soften the edges. Maybe it's just the recording, but it's rare for me to hear an amp that "I" think is too crunchy I like the "character" of the clipping and harmonic content though. Build looks nice too.
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        Hi Chuck thanks for the feedback.
        Yes it has power scaling and in the clip I have the power scaling to scale own to very small current. With that I have the master volume halfway but preamp is on full. Yes it is in fact a very bright amp. The platform was a jcm800 so I guess you know why lol.

        The mids were about halfway as well as the treble.

        Another thing to note was I used a Mesa 1x12. Not sure but even through that the amp can get quite bright.
        Whichever the case I am used to brighter sounds so I guess it's "ok" to my ears. But yes there is a bit of that bright harshness in yhr background especially during the palm mutes.


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          I like the "worser" quality recording?!?!?! But I'm usually the second guitar in the band, and am the one providing the slice&dice. It may just be the way it's set up for these recordings, but I really like the raw. No smoothing needed for me! I would also like to hear it on 10... though I understand if that's not possible.

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            Thanks Justin for he compliment
            Yes. Me too. I am really into diming the amps and pretty much max out
            Yes you are right. I did adjust the EQ up bit up to try and at least cut into the mix better. Although the mix only has drums added.
            Again. Thanks for the compliment and response.!


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              Last weekend I did the yearly service on the Standard I built for my friend Neale 4 years ago.

              I also found just Powerscaling the Output tubes suited me best. We spent a lot of time auditioning reverb pans and I liked the 3 spring, long delay accutronics best.
              ON his Amp I went with a quad of Vintage ST shape 6V6G into a 3K4 Raa output tranny. B+ at 100% on the power scale was +350V.
              Built a loose tuned 1x 12"box (meaning it was a 2 x12"box with just one speaker fitted). Used a Weber Alnico P12B
              "British Bulldog".
              My own amp is the same "Standard" preamp using 6SL7 instead of 12AX7 into a 5E3'ish power amp, just a pair of those vintage 6V6G, no powerscaling.