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Mission amps 5e3 speaker jack wiring help

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  • Mission amps 5e3 speaker jack wiring help

    Could anyone do me a huge favor and post a picture of how you wired 2 speaker jacks together on a mission amp 5e3 kit? I cant even remotely wrap my head around the diagram for wiring for the speakers. I have 2 speaker jacks. One of which has 2 tabs for soldering, the other has 3. The Output transformer has 2 leftover wires-- a black one and a blue one. The wiring in the diagram doesn't make sense to me, I only see it picturing a single black wire connecting the 2 jacks to each other and the blue wire going to a different tab and ground, but when I look online I see a bunch of wires going between each jack.

    If you could help me out and post a pic of how you wired the output transformer to the 2 speaker jacks and the 2 speaker jacks together I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the place!

    It would help us immensely if you could provide some documentation. Can you upload a schematic and/or layout? Otherwise we are just guessing.
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      Like this maybe.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	5e3 023.JPG
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      Speaker jacks. Left is 8 ohm, right is 4 ohm.


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        Could be, but he says one of the jacks has 3 tabs, so I'm thinking maybe it's a switching jack for internal and external speaker. It also seems there are multiple OT taps, so there could be numerous correct ways to wire it up.
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          Three tabs also suggests the common Fender arrangement of a shorting jack on the main output, with a parallel aux out jack.
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            If you only are using the Green and Black wires and want to disconnect the internal speaker:


            I found this: Mission Tweedy Deluxe layout:


            It comes down to what the OP wants the circuit to do & what OT he has, doesn't it?
            The three tab jack can be used as a two tab.


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              Originally posted by Jazz P Bass View Post
              ......It comes down to what the OP wants the circuit to do & what OT he has, doesn't it?......
              Yep. And what speaker/cabinet combination is intended. It's a kit, so there are lots of options.
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                Hey guys! Yes, I am new here, and yes, this is my first amp build hence the questions so sorry for being a newb! I do hesitate to post a pic of the schematic as I don't wanna ruffle any feathers with Mission amps. I just figured I'd ask cause I assumed people might be familiar with this specific 5e3 kit here instead of emailing Bruce cause we were building a lot today today and I figured it'd be faster since we're coming close to the end of the build and getting stoked to plug it in soon!

                I am building this 5e3 as a 4x10 combo amp like a bassman, and the speaker load is wired to 8ohms. But I was confused on what the second output jack was for-- an extension cabinet? Would I use the 3 tab jack for the main speakers (I already have a wiring harness utilizing a single input plug) and the 2 tab jack for the extension cab (that I won't even be using, at least for now)?

                Thanks for any help! I hope to contribute to this place more in the future, when I actually have something useful to say haha


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                  With that configuration, I'd wire it like a typical Fender amp. The two jacks will be paralleled and tip connections hooked to the 8 ohm tap. The grounds will be also connected together and with the OT secondary ground. Then, wire the switch contact of the 3 pin jack to ground also so that when nothing is plugged in the output is grounded. There's a diagram that shows that layout here:


                  The second jack (non-switching) is for an extension cabinet. The main speaker jack must be used first or the output remains shorted via the switch in the jack. This is a typical Fender amp configuration.
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                    That website is amazing. Thanks for the link! SO much reading to do on there!


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