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Weber-Heyboer 5F6A Power Transformer Wiring Diagram Anyone?

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  • Weber-Heyboer 5F6A Power Transformer Wiring Diagram Anyone?

    Hi all...I am moving quickly on a 5F6A Tweed Bassman build this weekend and I didn't receive a wiring diagram from weber amps for their Heyboer power transformer that I am using. I am wondrring if anyone might have a wiring diagram or be able to help me sort out the color code it would be greatlu appreciated.

    The model number is HY022798 and may be the same as the one that MOJO sells.

    Any assistance would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Shoot an e-mail to Ted Weber and I'm sure he'll let you know the color code. I bought a Heyboer OT from him and he e-mailed me the code - for the OT, the color code is the same as the Weber OT. That may not be true for the PT.


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      Diablo....I appreciate the suggestion. I ended up going to Heyboer yesterday morning and they were able to help me out.