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New 5e3 build, faint sound..

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  • New 5e3 build, faint sound..

    Hello everyone, new member, just finished my 1st build (newbie to this) and I can hear only a very faint signal through the speaker, volume has to be cranked.
    Tubes light up fine. Any suggestions on what to look for?
    Here is a link to the layout.

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    The fault could be almost anywhere. Along your signal path, In the voltage supply, mistake in the grounding, etc. A signal trace and voltage check will probably locate the problem. Since your new at this it's most likely a simple little miswire somewhere It's the same formula for everyones first couple of builds... Build amp, track down errors, then tweak.

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      Thanks Chuck, I have gone over it a few times - can't seem to find a wiring error. Is there any info out there will tell me what the voltages should be, and where to check?


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        Originally posted by 01bcat View Post
        Thanks Chuck, I have gone over it a few times - can't seem to find a wiring error. Is there any info out there will tell me what the voltages should be, and where to check?
        If Triode has ever built one of their own kits, they should be the ones you're asking for that info.
        I can't imagine them not having that info right at hand or not being able to help with it.

        Why don't you tell us what the voltages are on your amp and something might jump put.

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          Hey Bruce,
          I chose the triode kit because they are a few suburbs away, picked it up the same day ordered. They give you a layout, that is it.
          I will check voltages and post them. Any common newbie mistakes that I can look for?


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            I built a Triode kit a year ago. My first build also.
            Am very satisfied with it. It's been used more or less daily
            No problems at all.
            There are several schematics on the net with voltages
            for the 5E3. Google will find them for you.
            Google fender 57 Deluxe schematic
            ...and you'll find link to a schematic with voltages near the top.

            I used the Triode layout and the Fender layout for reference when I built mine.
            FWIW, the Triode print is correct... enough.
            (I changed the grounding on mine for quieter operation)
            I was very careful, double-checking and triple-checking everything as I
            built the amp and still made a couple of dumb wiring mistakes.
            Lucky I didn't let the smoke out of something.
            Beginners luck I guess.
            I had the output jacks mis-wired. The symptom was very similar
            to what you described. I'd mixed up the external and output jacks.
            In my case, plugging into the external jack gave me normal operation.
            Just corrected the wiring problem and have had no problems since.

            One thing I did find was that since the PT is wound for the old 110Vac
            of the 50's, voltages were a little high.
            For my 120vac wall outlets R.G. Keen's Vintage AC solution
            gave me pretty much the same voltages as the Fender schematic
            on the Fender site.

            Hope this helps
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              Nothing wrong with the kit, and getting it the same day was really cool. Saved on shipping as well. Looks like quality stuff. A way to mount the board, and grommets for the transformer wiring would have been nice though. Spent a bunch of time at the local hardware store.
              Thanks for the info on the voltages, I will check it out.
              Did you choose the Mallory caps?


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                I just finished my first build. I am no expert, but mine had a similar problem. Things all seemed fine, but very low volume. I finally found I had somehow placed a 100 ohm instead of 1 meg resistor on the input jack. I guess I was bleeding the input signal to ground.


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                  Thanks gsr, I will recheck all my resistor values..


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                    Originally posted by 01bcat View Post
                    Thanks gsr, I will recheck all my resistor values..
                    Another common error is to swap the 100 ohm filament balance/ground reference resistors with one or more of the 100K resistors on the plates of the preamp tubes.

                    Mission Amps
                    Denver, CO. 80022


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                      Hey Everyone,
                      I appreciate all the advice.
                      Just rechecked the entire circuit, including resistance values. Could not find an error. While I know the larger caps have a polarity - do the mallory 150s?


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                        Check every preamp pin #1 & pin #3. Pin #6 & #8.
                        Plate & cathode .
                        Measure it at the pin.
                        The 6V6 tubes check pin #3 & #8.
                        Plate & cathode.
                        Measure it at the pin.
                        Please advise what you come up with.
                        This a just a routine static amp check to see if the amp is functioning.
                        If all appears well, a signal test is next.


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                          Will get to it tomorrow Jazz, thanks.


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                            Hey Everyone,
                            OK- Here are the numbers:
                            1-120 2-0 3-0 4-0 5-115 6-0 7-2 8-0
                            1-150 2-0 3-1 4-0 5-0 6-114 7-0 8-0
                            1-0 2-0 3-395 4-360 5-0 6-0 7-0 8-23
                            1-0 2-0 3-393 4-358 5-0 6-0 7-0 8-24
                            1-0 2-404 3-0 4-368 5-0 6-370 7-0 8-404

                            Any advice is appreciated!


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                              Heater Voltage

                              I do not see correct heater voltages.
                              The 12AY7 pin 5 at 115 volts is not good.


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