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first build completed -thanks to all!

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  • first build completed -thanks to all!

    After ten years of thinking about it I fanally got my act together and built a 5e3. And I have to say I'm pretty pleased. Thanks to all around here and the rest of the web for the font of information which has made this possible.


    - transformers/sockets/speaker from an old recordplayer/radio which belonged to my grandparents
    - Stainless chassis (my first sheet metal project and it shows)
    - fiberglass board I etched the copper off of
    - eyelettes from the scrapbooking section of the local crafts store
    - cab made from doug fir from my great grandfathers chicken farm

    More pictures and mp3's @
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    Gorgeous cab! the best Ive seen yet. Cant do the mp3 links but prob just me.


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      Thanks for the heads up

      Captain thanks for the heads up on the mp3's. It' not you but my late night page writing that's at fault.

      Thanks for the compliments on the cab, too. It's old doug fir with two coats of shellac and three coats of polyurithane -very quickly sanded to 400 and then buffed out. The box itself is a little shorter, a little narrower and a little deeper than the standard 5e3 cab, and with a little more slope to the front. I drew it up ahead of time and just thought that looked a little cooler and a little more manageable in my little house...


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        Similar dimensions to mine- was gonna google 'dovetail jointing' etc, but as you didnt buy the cab as 1st I presumed, how do you cut the dovetail ends so perfect- is there a tool or is it an arsey chisel job? also cant help thinking some fender brown grillcloth would finish your cab off a treat no?


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          No artsy chissling for me, I used a router and the keller dovetail jig. It made easy work out of what otherwise is, I imagine, a tedious process.