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  • Speaker connections

    I finished my DIY Bassman last month and ordered the speakers and cabinet over the holidays. I've got the speakers now and the cabinet comes next week, so I wanted to start wiring the 4 sets of wires.

    What's the accepted method of connecting wires to the speakers: solder or crimp connectors? For long-term durability, I vote for soldering the leads. On the flip side, how do the slide-on connectors fare in the long term?

    Also, are there suggestions about the RCA phono plugs used to connect to the chassis? For testing, I have Radio Shack solderable plugs with strain reliefs. They look a little cheesy, so if I sell the amp, they'll have to go.

    I'm almost there. It's been a fun 4 months. Now, if I could only play something.


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    I every amp I've had has had slide on connectors. The most I would do extra is to solder the wire inside the connector after crimping because I can never get a proper crimp.


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      Does anyone know the size of the lugs on the Weber 10A125? I bought two sizes of connectors: The 1/4" are too big and the 3/16" are too small. Did he use metric sizes? I guess I'll have to solder the leads.


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        Mouser stock 159-2239A

        .205" push on.

        $5 per hundred.

        You need a proper crimp tool to get a good crimp.

        A hundred bazillion amps are wired with push on connectors. They are pretty reliable. Once in a while you find a loose one - they are easy to tighten up and if necessary darn easy to replace as well.

        You solder your speaker wires on and you will hear me screaming in rage when I have to service your damned amp, I'll tell you.
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          Crusty old bird, aren't you ;-)

          I've been working on this amp for 5 months now and I finally scraped up enough money to buy the speakers and a cabinet. I was slightly dismayed when the connectors didn't fit. You should have heard ME scream. Anyway, I'll service my own amp. And I'll buy a bazillion of those connectors for the next project. I did buy a good crimper, though. I'm ready.



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            use the 1/4" crimp connectors. If they fit on the post, the width shouldn't matter that much (considering we are talking about less than 1/16th of an inch here) If they are loose, get a pair of pliers and give them a gentle squeeze (on the long side) to make them tight. Personally, I'd never want to solder a speaker in.
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