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Tweed Deluxe PT OT recommendations?

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  • Tweed Deluxe PT OT recommendations?

    I am looking to build a tweed deluxe 5e3 clone. In looking at Hammond's website, they list the 290AX PT and 1750E OT for the tweed deluxe. I have heard others say go with the 290BX PT and 1750H OT. I am trying to capture the tone of the original 5e3's. Anybody use either of these or would like to weigh in with their thoughts. Any recommendations on other manufacturers?Thanks!

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    Hi Jman and welcome to the forum

    5E3 traditional PT is:

    325-0-325 HT winding @ 70mA (yes that's right - 70mA)
    6.3V heater winding @ 2A (if you get a PT with 3.15-0-3.15 heater winding, that is handy because you can easily elevate the heater CT to the output tube cathode(s) to quieten any heater hum. But if you can't find such a PT it doesn't matter because you can use 100R artificial grounds (or a humdinger pot) off each end of the 6.3V winding anyhow)
    5V rectifier winding @ 2A

    Traditional OT is 15W PP 8k primary - 8R secondary

    Any manufacturer making you something with those specs will sound pretty close to the original 5E3 if you more-or-less follow the rest of the original 5E3 specs.
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      Hi tubeswell,

      Thanks for the reply. This helps a lot!!


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