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5E3/6L6's dual Bias Switch

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  • 5E3/6L6's dual Bias Switch

    Hey Guys:

    Iím going to start my 2nd hand wired amp. I already completed an 18watt Vox/Marshall that works great very happy with the results.
    I would like to run this by all of you for your valued opinions. I want to try a 5E3/6L6ís w/40watt OT (20watt design) with a switch that will enable toggling from fixed to cathode biasing. Iím not sure if this is workable or desirable to some. The reason Iím attempting this is because I have played through both designs which have their great individual sounds which I love. I would like to combine both in one amp to get both sounds thus making this amp more versatile. Any and all comments are welcome.

    Thanks Bob
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    I just posted this on another thread but here you go again. (Actual resistor and cap values may need to be varied for your particular build - this circuit is really for 6V6s)
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