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New Member with completed first build - Weber 5E7M

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  • New Member with completed first build - Weber 5E7M

    Another new member here and I just got through building my first amp kit which is a Weber 5E7M a few weeks ago. The amp sounds great and I have used it at 2 hour gig, my son's one hour blues class and yesterday 5 hour blues jam as I provided my amp as one of the backline amps for the day. The has just sounded super with no mods other than selected tube choices and chicken knob colors. I was planning on a couple of mods but with the way the amp sounds, I am leaving well enough alone. I am planning to age the tweed like the member Snowy did - his looked super. I will also be planning on building a 5E3 in the future.

    Here are some pics of my completed amp and at the end of the pics, a video of my friend did a quick video of the amps sound. Unfortunately the sound quality is a little compressed but you will get the just of it.

    Inside the Chassis

    Top Chassis

    Completed Front Chassis

    Completed Back Chassis

    The Completed Amp

    Rear Shot

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    Another member built one of these and reports the Mid control doesn't do much. Have you had that experience?
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      Originally posted by loudthud View Post
      Another member built one of these and reports the Mid control doesn't do much. Have you had that experience?
      The amount of control is very small. I have been meaning to put a 5751 in V2 to see if giving more headroom would give more mid control in the tone stack but haven't done so. The preamp tubes are V1-12AY7 (NOS); V2-GE 12AX7; V3-12AX7B (Chinese). I get such a great sound right now with where the amp is set (TMB controls set at 12 o'clock) that I really don't mess with the setting much. I have fiddled with them when I completed the build but found the 12 o'clock position to be where use it.

      The amp has already seen a gig and 5 hour jam session with the TMB controls not even touched. Go figure that one.


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        Hey Randy, nice job! It looks really good and sounds great. Though a trio of alnico 10's or a single 15 is the more traditional speaker type for this style amp, it sounds very nice thru that 12" Mesa Boogie thiele cab.

        Sorry I missed the jam the other day, I've been fighting a cold and the dang thing has kept me down. I would have loved to play thru it. But I'm sure I'll get that chance at an upcoming jam. Talk to you later.



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          Thanks Richard! I kept looking around hoping that you would show up to give it a whirl and then asked Roy who mentioned that you were sick. Yes it will show up at another jam, maybe next time I would have picked up a matching 15" cab. No rush on that at the moment as my 12's sound great as well.

          @loudthud - messed with my head again yesterday as I got a new Celestion Vintage 12 speaker. Since I was breaking in the speaker I decided to play more with the knobs and effects of the mid control. The amount of mids added or cut is very slight and small as I mentioned previously. When added, it tend to beef up the lower mid when used with my strat.


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            I'm thinking of building a 5E7M, they are on sale right now for $300 (no cab, no speaker). You say the mid control is minimal. Have you considered modifying it to a 5E7 with the presence control instead of mid? The schematics look very similar.


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              @rshultz - I have thought about that after the immediate build but found that I love the sound that I am getting. With that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Besides I will be building another one in the future which is the Bassman circuit - very similar to the this build but with the prescence control.

              Also on a side note, my tone controls rarely move below or above 5 anyway. Just depends on the place I play if an adjustment is needed.