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    I had Jonn Richardson over to the home studio this weekend (last year's Albert King Award winning guitarist) to record some sound clips for a day and a half. We ended up recording every amp I have at home plus all of the Category 5 amps I could dig up. Here is one of the last clips we recorded, which happened to be of my 5D3 Tweed Deluxe, and was one of the more inspiring to come out of the session:

    There are a lot more clips to come just as soon as I find the time to mix them all. This was recorded with an SM57 about 6" from the cone (halfway between the center and edge and angled at about 15 degrees toward the edge) and a KSM27 about 8' back and 6' off the ground to pick up the room (26' ceilings). No FX were added other than a rumble filter (below 80Hz) and a hiss filter (above 10KHz).

    Pics of this amp are here:

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    What mods did you do and how do you like them verse stock?