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  • 5C1 Champ Winter Project

    I am getting prepared for my first scratch build. I did a Mojo 5E3 a couple of years ago from their kit, but this time, I want to do most of it myself.
    I have a Fender Princeton 65 (?) cabinet with no solid state guts at all. I have had a chassis made that slides in nicely and it will hang off standard Fender chassis bolts. I will have to do all the punching and drilling myself, but I don't foresee any great problems.
    I want to build the 5C1 because I really like the sound of a 6SJ7. I am only building a small amp, this time, because I don't need another big amp. Come to think of it, I don't need another small amp either, but I do need to be working on stuff.
    My main questions are, can the filter cap values safely be increased on this, and what would be the result. I see champ schems with cap values up to 20mf, but this one only has 8mf. Would going up to 3X12mf make any appreciable difference to the filtering capabilities?
    The only other change I will make to the amp is an on/off toggle switch, instead of having that as part of the volume pot.
    I am making up my parts list and would appreciate your views on this.

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    I used 22uF on my 5C1 circuit. I think according to the data sheet 5Y3 can have max 32uF. In Merlin's book I think he had about 20uf as max.