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Cathode resistors in a 5E3x2

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  • Cathode resistors in a 5E3x2

    Hi All,

    Prepping for a 5E3x2 build. Weber chassis and Xformers. Was trying to get the skinny on what cathode resistor/cap format to go with. Will be using the 330-0-330 @ 200mA taps on the PT and intend to use a 5U4 rectifier instead of a 5AR4 and dropping resistor.

    So for the cathode resistor, should I still go with a single 150/10W and 50uf/100v, or should I go with a resistor/cap per pair? I don't really have any intention of running anything but 4 6V6's. Thanks.

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    Probably better to use two 270-300 ohm resistors, one for each pair of 6V6s.
    Originally I did use one big 150 ohm 15 watt resistor though. I had a bunch of them in those days.
    A single 150ohm@10 watts is right at the edge of unnecessarily getting that resistor pretty hot.
    The bypass cap or caps can be around 22uF to 100uF but use a 100v instead of a 50v.

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      Done. Thanks very much. I'm going to use the big 50uf/100v caps (ea.) on them. One last thing, should I still run the 6.3v center tap w/ 100Ω to one of the cathodes with the dial-resistor setup, or should I connect it to ground/PT bolt?

      Assuming ground.....

      Click image for larger version

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