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  • 5e5a Kit and speaker

    Which 5e5a kit on the market is the best value?

    Also what speaker would work the best. I'm considering a Jensen P15N. Any thoughts?

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    I must be a moron, I still don't know what is a 5e5a. Anyone? . . . . Bueller?

    Speaker selection, what do you expect to play thru your amp? Guitar? What style? Bass? Harmonica? Trombone? What kind of tone are you after?

    Give us a little more information, maybe we can help you. ALSO it's not necessary to post in different sections, those who can help will see your questions, and it will avoid confusion to stick to one spot.

    In kits, avoid the black cardboard circuit board like the black plague, that's all for now.
    Enjoy. Every. Sandwich.


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      5e5a is the late 50s tweed Pro circuit. I play a variety of styles. I'm looking for comments regarding the difference among the tweed pro kits out there.


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        Originally posted by cjkarnitz View Post
        I play a variety of styles.
        Guitar (we guess) ? Then that alnico Jensen should do well. A harmonica player might not have any need of its brightness compared to some other 15's on the market. OTOH it's sure nice to have some low frequency extension & you're sure to get it with a 15.

        I could be wrong but I sort of doubt anyone here has built every tweed pro kit available to compare. We could have a look, see what's available. I can imagine the usual suspects but it may be a real good idea for you to put up some links to what you're considering. Personally I've built some kits for customers but they never sourced their parts all from one place. It was chassis & box from Weber for instance, speaker from Mojo, turret board from Hoffman, transformers from Antique or Mercury or Hoffman or Mojo or Allen etc, and I supplied jacks pots knobs switches resistors caps AC cable & pilot lite (whew!) umm, solder & labor too. Princetons, 5E3 Deluxes, a couple others but nothing with a 15. Yet.
        Enjoy. Every. Sandwich.


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          This is a Pro Tech site, folks have tons of experience repairing them, and if building one, as noted above, will usually search for best parts in any catgory and order them as needed, from different places, in general will not be stuck with a kit where the kit supplier got what *he* found better or most profitable.

          That said, sometimes a customer will ask for a quick custom build and in that case a kit is practical option because of its "all in a cardboardbox" convenience.

          *Maybe* youŽd rather check an amateur builders site , where they practically do nothing but build from kits.
          Such as:
          What Tweed Pro 5E5-A kit ? | Telecaster Guitar Forum

          In any case, when you actually build yours, feel free to ask about any technical problems you may meet.
          Good luck and keep us up to date
          Juan Manuel Fahey


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            All that being said, this is the 'tweed builders' section of the forum.
            So no harm using the tweed designation, just be aware that there are probably not a lot of exclusive tweed build specialists on here.
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