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5F1 eating OTs....

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  • 5F1 eating OTs....

    I have a 5F1 that i typically play dimed with an 8 ohm has blown two since2007 & last night eveidently another is going...the amp only puts out about 1/2 power & the primary windings show 250 ohms so something is wrong.

    I have a SWEET set of old tubes in it that sound the best but they have been in every instance when an OT has given it up.
    I'm gonna go with a merc 5 watter this time and simply trash the tube compliment as I am scared a bad tube is somehow cooking the OT.

    What do you guys think? The voltages all seem OK...



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    If its the same tubes, I'd blame them first.
    Building a better world (one tube amp at a time)

    "I have never had to invoke a formula to fight oscillation in a guitar amp."- Enzo


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      " & the primary windings show 250 ohms so something is wrong." Is that DCR measured with a meter, if so what sort of ohms were you expecting to see?

      Check for intermittent open circuit in the speaker jack/wiring, if you have an RCA plug here, replace with a 1/4" jack.

      What sort of current do you have on the 6V6 plates & which OT's have you been using?