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Another 5E3 build.

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  • Another 5E3 build.

    I built myself a 5E3 several years ago, and took it over to my friends house for appraisal, (he's a real guitar player!) He really liked it, and this year talked me into building one for him. He's picky, and sourced a lot of the components, transformers, period correct knobs, sockets, correct speaker and a beautiful tweed cab. I built a turret board, and installed CC resistors, Jupiter/Sozo/F&T caps, etc. I got it running this weekend, and it sounds really good! It has a lower noise floor than mine, maybe those expensive caps with the foil end do make a difference!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	RD20.jpg Views:	0 Size:	3.97 MB ID:	937069 Click image for larger version

Name:	RD4.jpg
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    Where are the NOS tubes? I just picked up a pair of smoked glass matched RCA 6V6's in the boxes this weekend at a hamfest for $4, not to mention the 6973's 5879's and 12ax7's.


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      I sent him pics today, and told him I would let him sort through the box of tubes he brought. I fired it up on a couple of "Fender" 12AX7's and JJ 6V6S, and 5T3GT. After checking I installed the NOS Amperex 12AX7, RCA 5Y3GT, and Sylvania 5751. He asked me to install the NOS RCA 6V6GTA's that he sent, and verify bias, before I brought it back to him, so I will!


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        Nice looking build!
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          It is a great looking cab, can almost pass for an "original"!


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            And I love the little "Made in USA" tag on the handle. Assuming you haven't moved to Belize or some place.
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              Those are the tags from when you buy the cabinet.


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                The RCA's have a little less dissipation than the JJ's, but I knew my ears couldn't hear the difference.
                Click image for larger version

Name:	RD22.jpg
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                  Delivered the little amp to my friend over the weekend, and really enjoyed hearing him play through it. He seemed really pleased with it. It's amazing to me (a guitar hack) to hear what a real player can do with just a guitar-cord-amp!