I've got a 22 cal studio plus that is driving me crazy. I just bought this amp, got it home and started playing it, it immediatley started humming at full volume. I threw it on standby then switched it back on, it played fine for a minute and then started cutting in and out. I banged the top of it and it worked again. This went on and on, so I pulled all of the tubes and instaled all new Boogie 12AX7's and set of NOS GE EL 84's. Same problem, so I pulled the chassis and re-melted all of the solder points. Same problem, so I put the chassis on the bench and touched the board with a chop stick and regardless of where I push or tap the problems goes away momentarily. The wide open hum is gone but the intermittent promblem has got me baffled. Anybody got any ideas? The way this amp is designed its gonna be a pain in the ass to access the components without unsoldering a good bit.
Thanks for any tips