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Noise name in english?

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  • Noise name in english?

    As a non-English speaker, sometimes knowing the right name for an issue is 90% of solving the problem through forums and search engines. So please be patient with me if this is a silly question.

    I just got this amp done, and I have a reverb noise for which I've never found an English name. It's common noise on single ended pickups. It's not exactly 60 hz hum, but I think it's 60 hz pulses, almost identical to single coil guitar pickup noise but without the bass part. As if just the tip of the 60 hz pulses were hitting something. It's not bass, it's trebly,

    It's as if a thin strip of metal hit the blades of a fan..... It's not hiss, crackle, pop, hum,'s almost mechanical.

    If you can "hear" it from this confusing description, what do you guys call it? I tried pickup noise reverb, reverb single coil noise, etc, read through a bunch of articles, some really neat, but none gave it a name....

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    I'd call that a 'buzz'.
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