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Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue w/ hum problem at idle = bad rectifier

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  • Fender Princeton Reverb Reissue w/ hum problem at idle = bad rectifier

    I just bought a Fender PRRI blind from MusiciansFriend "used" (i think that means it was a return). I have a deluxe reverb (original silverface that was blackfaced) which i love the sound of but is way too loud for practicing. I have to say, even stock, the Princeton Reissue sounds super nice. I love it. It gives me a clean Fender sound, splashy reverb, all in a small size, and at a good volume.

    So one of the reasons i got the reissue was because i wanted something that was dead-silent at idle, since i want to use it for recording, but i found that there was a bad buzz / hum even with nothing plugged in. It got louder as the volume is turned up, and really really loud when you would crank the reverb.

    I started swapping tubes and finally figured out it was the rectifier that was bad. I've seen this exact complaint on other boards, but most people just returned it to the store. I just got the amp, but the box and paperwork were destroyed in the Chicago flood this weekend. Oops. So i just wanted to post this as a solution to anyone who may be having the same issue and wants to keep the amp.

    Also i don't know if these things are related but: 1. the Fender labeled power tubes were glowing blue (not a big deal) and would flicker on and off when the vibrato was on. 2. When i was pulling out the rectifier, it cracked just above where the glass meets the base. I don't know if it was already weak or if i am just ham-fisted.

    Anyhow, try swapping the 5AR4 rectifier if you have a hum / buzz in your new Princeton Reverb Reissue.

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    Any way to test the rectifier? I have a hum/buzz on a Fender Deluxe reverb, but it'd be great to get some indication that it was the rectifier before purchasing.


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      Probably the most practical test is to swap in a new rectifier tube. If the amp is in a store you can ask to swap a tube from another amp or say "I'll buy it if you put in a new tube and it stops the buzz". Otherwise you supply your own tube and if it doesn't solve the problem then you take it back out and keep it for later use.


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