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Bugera 1990 octal sockets

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  • Bugera 1990 octal sockets

    Anyone replaced the output tube sockets on onna these yet? I had one come in a coupla days back and these sockets are just the worst....they don't provide hardly any tension on the tube pins, so they are gonna get chucked and replaced. But....before I order some, I'd like to know if the footprint matches the Belton sockets. These are decent quality and fit tube pins snugly. What say you's?
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    Yes the footprint for PC mount sockets is standard, but Belton sockets are not so great.
    Ceramic sockets, gold plated metal, are much better, and available in PC mount.
    They cost a bit more, but are better than plastic sockets, and last much longer.
    NEVER apply cleaners to the socket, no matter what the manufacturer says. The residue from the cleaner can short and arc.
    These cleaners are NOT rated for the voltage and temperature. If the socket is oxidized, burned, lose, replace it.

    ANOTHER problem with replacement sockets: oxidized metal. The socket has been in storage for so long that the metal has oxidized. WATCH OUT for this. Your solder will not flow onto oxidized metal.
    If the socket is not clean, shinning, new bright metal, reject it and do not install it.
    LOTS of vendors are selling old oxidized sockets. You have been warned.
    MAKE SURE that the circuit board pads are perfectly clean, before installing the new socket. CLEAN the circuit board with denatured alcohol, to remove ALL the old flux and dirt, BEFORE soldering!


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