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Peavey Mark VI bass amp: Compressor not working

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  • Peavey Mark VI bass amp: Compressor not working

    I bought an older Mark VI Peavey Bass amp. I really like it despite how ugly it is.

    The compressor portion of the amp doesn't seem to work - I got it that way. I cleaned up the rest of the amp, installed new electrolytics but I'd really like to get to the bottom of this problem.

    On the front preamp board, I see that the compressor is turned on/off and the LED should light. The thing is, regardless of the switch position, the compressor LED never lights up. The actual compression appears to happen on the power module of the amp. I'm not sure what could be wrong with that circuit.

    On the connector that connects the front board compressor switch/LED, I measure +15vdc with the switch engaged and -15vdc with the switch out. The LED does momentarily light up in the transitions though.

    Any ideas/help/clues as to what to check next? I'm not familiar with these amps and compressor circuits.


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    Ok... never mind... It seems as though my brain took a break. I read the manual and the LED lights only when compression is happening. Makes sense, problem solved and 1 hour wasted.


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      There is actually a compressor upgrade for many PV amps.
      But it's kind of pricey. You can buy it from PV parts dept.
      It's a little plug in board, that replaces an IC chip.

      But I don't know if that upgrade applies to this amp.
      Call the PV techs and ask for it, find out if it fits in there.


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        To make the compressor tweakable? That would be sweet. Right now, it looks like a limiter more than anything else.


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