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Which chip is better for preamp Ad8512, opa2134, or ne5532?

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  • Which chip is better for preamp Ad8512, opa2134, or ne5532?

    Hi guys, i am working on a preamp project,
    Just wanna know which ic is better when it comes to audio/sound performance?
    Is there any superiority in terms of producing bass sounds?
    Ad8512, opa2134, or ne5532?
    They all have the same pin config.
    Thank you so much masters....
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    The performance of an opamp in an audio circuit is governed to a large extent by the circuit design. If, for instance the circuit itself has an inherent low-frequency cutoff due to cap/resistor sizing, then this will be the limiting factor in how well the preamp will handle bass. An opamp will operate down to DC, so other factors need to be considered such as the size of coupling caps or any other frequency determining element in the circuit.

    Another consideration is whether the opamp is configured so that it can operate within its limits and not be driven into clipping by bass transients that could swing close to (or exceed) the supply rails.

    It may be helpful if you post a schematic.


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      Hi Big, welcome to the forum.

      Your question is often asked, and really, we'd need to know what you mean by "better".
      Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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        If you need a 'rail to rail' opamp, TI makes the TLC2262M.


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          Thank you so much sir..
          Here are some of the schematics..
          Click image for larger version

Name:	bass treble.gif
Views:	1
Size:	7.6 KB
ID:	839946
          Click image for larger version

Name:	pmain preamp.gif
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Size:	6.1 KB
ID:	839947
          The opa is the preamp
          And the other one is the tone control..


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            I meant, would there be a difference in audio output/performance when i use one of these ICs?


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              you could build the board with 8-pin DIL sockets, then you could swap in many different dual opamps and make your mind up that way. Apart from predictable small differences in the noise floor and some slight variations in gain, audio differences are going to be small and subjective. You don't need hifi for bass so it might be interesting to try a wider range including cheapos.

              My further advice would be to ignore anyone who has strong views on this matter! The test I suggest above would be most educative in judging not only opamp performance but also internet tone guru pronouncements.


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                The designer of those two circuits knew a bit more about the opamps & the circuit itself then you are giving him credit for.

                It is apparent that the ic's were not picked at random.

                The 5532 has the capability of 'driving' a load.
                Which in this case is the tone circuit.
                The TL072 is a jfet input. Good choice for the tone controls.
                And finally, the AD8512 is a very low distortion ic that is used to as the main input ic.



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                  All the opamps you mention work fine for audio, from an engineering perspective.
                  From a "Golden Ear" perspective there may be some nuances that can be discerned. These become subjective and thus hard to quantify.
                  Secondly, the circuit topology (or schematic) doesn't give the whole story. The way the circuit is laid out can influence the final sound. This is often due to parasitic effects from the component placement on the circuit board, or from poor decoupling, or from inadequate power supply filtering, etc.
                  Hence, it is near impossible to give you a definitive answer to your question.


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