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No sound just loud hum - Create GX-15

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  • No sound just loud hum - Create GX-15

    I still have my first amp left, a 15w crate gx-15r. It served me well when i started out
    but one day the sound (on both channels) started getting muffled, and then more distorted,
    until one day it just stop and now only makes a loud hum when you turn it on, nothing else.

    There is constent, no change if you have a cable plugged or not, change values on any knob,
    even the headphones have the same loud hum.

    To me it would seem like some component has poped or something but sadly i dont know
    enough about thees things to figure out which one it is and fix it.
    The amp has age around 17-19 years but its still in great shape and would be waist to just
    trough it out, so would want to try and fix it if anyone could give me some pointers or ides.

    I live in Finland and taking an amp to a store to be fix will easy cost over 50€, and im kinda sure
    i can get a used amp for that price so would wanna try this my self first.

    Any ides?

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    Hello, welcome.

    I bet the loud hum is DC voltage on the speaker. Measure DC voltage with your meter between the two speaker terminals. It needs to be about zero. If you see 15v or 20v or something then the amp has a blown output.

    See the five-leg thing bolted to the aluminum finned heat sink in the center? It will have a number on it, probably TDA2030, 2040, 0r 2050. That is likely bad.

    Other possibility is broken solder on the main filter caps. Those are the two blue cylinders just above the heavy red and green wires, left of the aluminum heat sink.

    other things could be, but those are most likely.
    Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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      Thanks Enzo! Thees sound like good suggestion and i will try them out and let you know!
      I found a place that sells the TDA 2030. Ill start out by replacing that, and see what that does.


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        No, don't start by replacing things, start with that voltage reading on the speaker wires. If it says several volts of DC, THEN start replacing.
        Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.