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Marshall DSL 100 JCM 2000 only 2 preamp tubes light up

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    Originally posted by Enzo View Post
    Since it appears to be backwards of possibility, my first thought was V1,2,3 was counting from the wrong end. Just a thought.

    Same here.


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      There are probably some connectors that are not shown on the schematic.
      From the problem description, it would have to be something common to all other tubes, yet still allow the connection to the bridge.
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        I've found that the heater solder joints for power tube sockets, tend to degrade over time. I'd put resoldering the joints right up there with recapping in terms of when it is usually needed.
        Good troubleshooting!


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          I have problems with my DSL100. The V1 and V2 not working. I revised the rectifier bridge and something strange ocurrs:

          In the AC side of the bridge have 6,5Vac and in the DC side, when V1/V2 are in place, not voltage, neither in C4 or between pins 9 and 4/5 in the tubes. BUT, when pull the tubes out, I have 8Vdc in this places!!!!!

          Whats the problem??? Could you help me please?
          Thanks in advance!!!


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            Originally posted by sdiazmun View Post
            ......I revised the rectifier bridge ......
            Does that mean you resoldered it, or replaced it? I have had those bridges test good and fail under load multiple times. If you simply resoldered it, try replacing it.

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