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  • Peavey Classic 50 2X12

    Hi everyone. As the title says, I have a Peavey Classic 2X12 that isn't working. I'm not sure of the year, but it is the model that has the effects loop, but isn't the redesigned looking newer one.
    A few tubes in it went bad maybe a year ago or more. I have been using other amps and just got around to installing all new tubes. The main fuse was also blown, so I replaced it too. The problem is that I am not getting anything out of the speaker when I strum the guitar except a very low staticky rumble. You can make out the guitar barely, but like I said it's very low. I went ahead and replaced all the fuses and cleaned the effects loop input/output with contact cleaner since it's never really been used.

    Maybe someone can point me in the right direction or give me an idea of what to try next? I'd appreciate any help


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    Since you have an effects loop you can try to separate the preamp from the poweramp. You can just plug a guitar into the Return jack and if the power amp is good you should hear something (maybe a little quieter than normal, but more than what you are getting now). If you have another amp with an effects loop or a mixing board you can cable the Send jack into the other device, this will tell you if the preamp is working.


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