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Crate Palomino V32h - wrong DC voltages - V3 tube issue

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  • g1
    Also post the DC voltages for pins 3 and 8 of V3.

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  • alexradium
    try substitute V3 with a new good tube,if nothing changes most probably the plate resistors are bad

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  • Crate Palomino V32h - wrong DC voltages - V3 tube issue

    Hello there,
    I have issues with my Crate V32h Palomino i can't seem to understand. Long story short:
    Amp is 20+ years old and had an issue with an electrolytic cap in the preamp section, which I fixed. I then decided to do a recap of most electrolytics and some non polarized, since I had a surplus of parts. (mostly Nichicons with a higher temp rating). I'm a novice but quickly learning.

    The DC voltages for the first 2 preamp 12ax7 tubes test OK.

    V3 is showing these values for DC:
    Pin 1 says 215V but I measure 250V.
    Pin 6 says 210V but I measure 50V.

    I replaced all of the caps highlighted in yellow (C13, C14, C30, C39, C15, C16, C4 & C8)
    The DC on one side of R11 measures 275V correctly. C4 is also measuring 260V correctly.
    As far as symptoms, i have an almost unnoticeable crackling every now and then, but could be from preamp. I don't know what other symptoms to look for... more volume? is this normal? Bad Resistors/Bad Caps/power tubes?
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