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Fender FM 100H Sound issues

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  • Fender FM 100H Sound issues

    I am a keyboard player and I am currently using a Fender FM 100H guitar amp head and a Fender cabinet to amplify my sound. (This isn't ideal for me, but it is what I have to work with at the current time.) The issue I am having is that randomly as I play the sound will drop out. Sometimes the sound just reduces in volume, other times it reduces in volume and you can hear static when a note is played. The only remedy I have found that usually works is unplugging and re-plugging all guitar cords connected to my rig. (It is a different connection every time.) I know it has something to do with the head or the cabinet, since the rest of my rig is used during practice with my band and I have had zero issues running through the system we have in our practice room. Below is my set up any suggestions on diagnostics would be greatly appreciated.


    Casio CDP-130
    Roland Juno DS61


    Mix 5 : 5 channel compact mixer

    Everything is connected via guitar cords.

    Thanks in advance!

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    On the front panel are preamp out and power amp in jacks next to each other. Plug a spare cord from preamp to power amp jacks. ANy help?

    Or even, next time it happens, just poke a plug in and out of the power amp in jack a couple times to see if it wakes it up. In either case, the problem being a dirty cutout contact in the power amp jack.
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      Verify that your speaker cable connections are good. Simply unplugging instrument cables may be enough to disturb or effect a dodgy jack/plug connection. And, you are using a proper speaker cable , right?
      It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....