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Peavey Classic A & B tremolo intermittent

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  • Peavey Classic A & B tremolo intermittent

    Hey MEF guys. Have a 1977 Peavey Classic A & B that I've been rebuilding. Had to replace the power transformer to get it to turn on and make noise. After getting sound out if the amp the tremolo circuit didn't seem to work. After playing the amp for awhile the tremolo kicked in and it sounded fantastic. But it didn't last after some more okay time it faded and did not come back. I will start tracing the circuit at the depth pot and work out from there?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    There are voltages marked on the schematic for much of the circuit. How do yours compare? Do you find any major discrepancies?
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      He asked this elsewhere, and I suggested that the trem coming and going sounded more like a failed connection to me.
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