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Ampeg SVT4-Pro & SVT3, SVT5 & SVT6-Pro Service Notes

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  • Ampeg SVT4-Pro & SVT3, SVT5 & SVT6-Pro Service Notes

    I recently received an email from a technician in Mexico who had read somewhere that I've posted service note files on an Ampeg SVT6-Pro. He had one on his bench and had some questions on it. In the process of replying, I found I needed to look up some details on previous service notes I had written, but, I never did get around to compiling all my service notes on the SVT3 thru SVT6-Pro amps. Most of my notes are on SVT4-Pros, as I work on more of those than any of the others in that family, so I spent some time going thru my database and copied all of the notes, first on the SVT4-Pro from March 2009 forward, and in the process, recorded dates on all of the others (SVT3, SVT5 & SVT6-Pro) so I could go back and compile those as well.

    Some of these notes have been posted here on the forum. Back in 2015, I had come to grips with the replacement cost of matched IRFP 240's and IRFP9240's from Ampeg, and decided to come up with a matching / batching procedure from buying tubes of the devices from Mouser or Digi-key. I've been doing that ever since. Those notes are contained in the Ampeg SVT4-Pro Service Notes file that I've attached here in (PDF). Then, compiled the remaining SVT3, SVT5 & SVT6-Pro Service Notes, and attached them here as well (PDF).

    Granted, I'm not nearly as knowledgeable as many of the other gifted, brilliant chaps that also contribute their expertise and knowledge on a regular basis, but, there is some useful information present from this Technician's past eleven years of maintaining a rental fleet of Ampeg SVTx-Pro Bass Amps at CenterStaging, as well as other clients I work for. I've likewise compiled an SVT-CL/AV/VR Service Notes file from that same eleven year period. I can't remember if I posted that eleven-year file...if not, I'll add that to the thread. The notes are written on the fly, daily in the shop, so there's spelling, grammar and other tidbits of fluff that make their way into the 'daily adventures of maintenance'.

    Hope these will be of some use to all of you. Every day is an adventure, and it's a constant education for me, as well as a pleasure to be along for the ride, as I learn so much from all of you who contribute your expertise.

    There was one SVT4-Pro amp, asset # 3342, which initially came in 9/17/15 with one side out, got it repaired. It came back again 2/10/16 with the same side having failed. Repaired it, while puzzled as to what took it down, having lost all ten MosFET's this time. Then, it came back again 10/14/18, again the same side had failed. So, this is still an open puzzle, and probably not unlike other 'misadventures' other folks have experienced.

    Ampeg SVT4-Pro Service Notes.pdf

    Ampeg SVT3, 5 & 6-Pro Service Notes.pdf

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