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Ampeg Gemini Cabinet Assembly Question

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  • Ampeg Gemini Cabinet Assembly Question

    I received this old amp & cab in pieces. Does anyone have a good pic of how the metal pieces are mounted in the cab & does it attach to the actual head?
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    Maybe the reverbarocket is similar, if not I think Justin is your man I believe he has one.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	84CDAD9D-48C4-447E-BC57-F0EB1A294283.jpg Views:	0 Size:	103.6 KB ID:	913535
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      Thanks nosaj, i figured it out...the Gemini is a little different...


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        Do you have the amplifier chassis also?
        All I see is an empty folded metal sheet.
        **Maybe** somebody pulled the electronics to make a head and left the "speaker cabinet" behind?
        Is that all you have?

        In any case, it´s a wooden box, a speaker inside and hopefully the amp chassis.
        Serch for working amp pictures in the Net,there must be many, and use them for reassembly.

        You´ll have to make some nailing and gluing, I see a piece of wood floating, etc. but reassembling it into a usable shape will only tke some time and dedication.

        Keep us updated, to begin with show everything you have.
        Juan Manuel Fahey


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          Yes, I had repaired the amp & put it all back together last night. The little piece of wood was a side support for the chassis & was glued/nailed back to the wooden cab. one of the two metal pieces screwed on to the wood cab to act as heat shield. The other piece of metal attached to the metal chassis perpendicular to the first piece with a couple sheet metal screws to act as a cover to the chassis. All good now, thanks.


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