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    I have an old X100B on the bench that came in with no tubes and years of crust from nonuse in someone's garage I'm guessing. I tubed it up and cleaned everything, and it works pretty good, except the gain channel sounds quite a bit darker than the rhythm channel. Is this normal, I am not familiar?

    Anyway, the real issue is two of the fader handles are broken off. I am having a hell of a time finding some. They are 30mm throw 10kB faders with four legs. The problem is, the legs are offset. From end to end, two legs are farther from each other than the other two. The ones I find on Mouser have the legs even at each end. Does anyone have any experience or wisdom with this issue?

    I tried attaching a Jpeg, but it keeps saying file is corrupted.
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    It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....

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    Any way you can solder them with some rigid wire to keep them in place?


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      The schematic shows the faders as a typical pot with 3 connections- 2 outside with the center wiper. One of the original fader pins must be a dummy/unused connection, or a duplicate connection. Maybe a little investigation of the circuit board will net you useful information that will allow the use of a 3 legged fader or a 4 legged one that can be used with one leg snipped. Maybe that allows something you can find to fit the board etching?
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        Assuming these are PCB mounted, are there any traces running where the non-offset legs would go? Wondering if you can just drill a couple of new holes to mount them and then run wires on the backside of the PCB as necessary to make the connections.


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          No, the gain channel is not normally darker than the clean channel.
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            And really, no one can notice the effect of a single graphic EQ slider, so you could just replace them with a dummy slider and a fixed 5k resistor

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              Have you looked here ;

              Hope it helps.
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                Didn't see anything at Mouser with the pin out I need, and I can't spend more time searching for a part than I did on the repair. Customer has accepted this and agreed to living with the faders left in the detent center position. As always, thank you all for your help and consideration.
                It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....


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