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What to look for in sourcing replacement pots for Fender Deluxe 85

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  • What to look for in sourcing replacement pots for Fender Deluxe 85

    Hey there. I have a Deluxe 85 that sounds very nice as long as I avoid certain positions with some of the pots. Several applications of contact cleaner improved it only slightly. The pots are beyond the state of merely being scratchy while being turned. There are big swaths of the pot's ranges that produce a hideous and persistently poppy and crackly mess.

    My assumption is that these pots are due for replacement. I'm looking for advice on getting the appropriate quality pot for this effort. I found the schematic on this forum (thanks!) and it shows that the treble knob part R61 is a 50K ohm pot rated for 15A. I found a list of parts vendors on the forum too but are there various classes/manufacturers of pots that will last longer/sound better that I could look for?

    Thank you.

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    Sorry but a carbon track and a wiper arm are universal. As long as they are from a known source, Mouser, RS Components, Element 13 etc, they will be OK, fleabay sellers are not a good idea. Unfortunately the reliable Cermet is not an option because they don't normally fit.
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      Does that amp have pots with triangular brackets? From the pics I can find I think it does. Sometimes the bracket is used to connect grounds together, so they are electrical and not just mechanical. If you can't get replacements with the brackets (or swap the tracks as mentioned above) I have made-do by using unbracketed pots and then putting in jumper wires to all the bracket mounting holes.

      Also, before you trash the pots, I've had some pretty good luck using straight turpentine as a cleaner/lube, it saved a few hard to find pots on my amps.


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        I found this parts list which is pretty amazing:

        And searching for that part # gets me to which shows the triangular mounting bracket you described. This might be a good bit easier than I thought.


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          Fender sells them as snap in pots.

          It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....


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            Originally posted by Randall View Post
            Fender sells them as snap in pots.

            That's a much better price. At $10+ a pot + shipping the parts cost could add up to the value of the amp.


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              50K ohm pot rated for 15A.
              Um, not rated for 15 amps. That is 50k15A That means 15% audio taper. That refers in turn to how steep the taper is. No pot we will ever use carries 15 amps.

              My anti-virus doesn't like the old schematic link you gave. Here is a different place to get the data:

              I don't see longevity as an issue. That amp is like 35 years old, new stock pots ought to last another 30 years.

              What is your list of pots you need? My inventory shows I have five 27940 in stock currently. Others around here may well have some parts as well.
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